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Hudsonville Water Polo

This site features a live scoring system which uses a front-end built for mobile using AngularJS that pushes updates through a socket connection to a NodeJS server. The updates are then sent from the server to the @HHSWaterPolo Twitter account, sent through SMS to subscribers, and displayed on the site.

Once the game is complete, all of the data is sent to PHP which updates the schedule, archives all of the updates, and parses the stats for display for that game along with season totals for each player.

The site also runs numerous parsing scripts to search for and import content from multiple locations across the web. These scripts range from simple RSS importers, to screen scrapers, to automated login and request spoofing.

The few regular updates that need to happen manually are done on a mobile focused back-end designed to be handled easily while sitting in the stands before a game.

There's also a custom HTML5 game built with Construct2 hidden as an easter egg on the site, with another one currently being developed.